Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: How to get kids involved in cooking

Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: How to get kids involved in cooking

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Celebrity chef Tyler Florence explains why it's important to get your kids involved in cooking dinner.

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Tyler: What works out, and this is a trial-and-error kind of thing, is having your children in the kitchen while you're cooking, right?

So they can see the process. If they're, you know, watching some Pixar movie, which I love …

Lindsay: Right. Never a bad thing.

Tyler: for the hundred thousandth time in a row – I can almost recite Ratatouille line for line, which I love.

Lindsay: It's food related, so there you go.

Tyler: It's my favorite movie ever.

And then they all of a sudden like they say, Hey, dinner's ready! (boom boom boom) and they go to the table and, Whoa, what's that?

Right? Then it's just a shock, and then it's just protest – and you're like, you liked it last time – so, and this is going to sound rough because parents, especially after a busy day, the last thing they want is sort of you know, a Grand Central Station in the kitchen …

Lindsay: "Help" in the kitchen.

Tyler: Exactly, Grand Central Station in the kitchen, cause sometimes but if you can set up their little zone, right? My wife and I have a small play stove, right?

Lindsay: In the kitchen?

Tyler: In the kitchen, so they can kind of mimic what we do. So he's got like a little wooden knife, he's got some little wooden fruit that's held together by Velcro and he can kind of cut them through together so he can make dinner while we're doing it.

And I always take some little piece of it and kind of give him, you know, he has, with a butter knife, he'll chop up a carrot for 25 minutes, right? He's just part of the process. And that way, when we serve dinner, it's like this thing where he was part of the process – look what we made.

Lindsay: And he has a stake in it, yeah.

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