How having a child changed my marriage

How having a child changed my marriage

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Since having children, my relationship with my husband has changed by making it deeper and closer. More understanding.

We waited a little bit in our lives to have kids and so once we had our daughter we’re—I wouldn’t want to say we’re selfish, but we definitely had—we definitely had our own life. And so, we were married so long, that kind of incorporating in another person that you have to take care of and be responsible for. I think that was just a little bit of a shock to our system.

My relationship with my husband has changed a lot since having children. I think that it’s important for a husband and wife to kind of stay boyfriend and girlfriend if you will. I think you really have to work hard to foster that part of your relationship, that’s just where you started when you first met to kind of keep that magic alive.

And it brought us closer. But at the same time it also incorporated a lot of challenges.

My relationship with my husband has not really changed since we’ve had our children. We were always friends and we still are friends. We have a lot of time together. We have family events every other weekend. We have date nights twice a month. So, we make sure that we get that time in together whether we incorporate the children or not.

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