Nursing pillow buying guide (Before You Buy series)

Nursing pillow buying guide (Before You Buy series)

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Hi, I'm Ariel Gold, a product expert in San Francisco. Today we're going to talk about nursing pillows. Nursing pillows are not essential for everyone; however, they do help to position the baby. Did you know that babies feed 8 to 12 times a day? The pillows are designed to ease support on your arms, neck, and back.

First, we have a belted nursing pillow. This pillow comes flush to the body, has additional lumbar support – and this one even has a little pocket. They are firm, with positioners for your baby's head. Though these covers do come off for washing, I do like placing a burp cloth or a blanket over them just so that it is a little bit easier.

Next we'll talk about nursing pillows without belts. This is a donut-shaped pillow. It's easy to put on and quite soft. If you notice that your baby is slipping into this gap, you can go ahead and place a burp cloth or a blanket into there to create more stability. This is also a really great pillow for tummy time.

There are many other types of nursing pillows that are not belted. This one is crescent-shaped. It can be used for pregnancy support as well as for nursing.

Whenever you're picking a nursing pillow, you want to pay attention to the materials and the filling that's used. This one is made of buckwheat hulls, which allows it to be malleable in order to contour to your baby. Also consider the cover. Is it easy to take on and off for washing?

Just remember that buying a nursing pillow is a personal choice. You need to find one that feels comfortable and supportive for both you and your baby.

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