How to bind your belly after birth

How to bind your belly after birth

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How to bind your belly after birth

Postpartum belly binding is an ancient art that can support your healing body.

Start binding day 1 after birth and continue for 40+ days.

Wear a comfortable nursing top.

Measure the "tail" of the fabric.

Fan the fabric across your back and hip bones.

Tie a knot and tuck the "tail" out of the way.

Fan and wrap another layer.

Pull fabric tight.

Twist fabric above first knot.

Repeat up till you've made 10 to 14 twists.

Stop just below breast line.

Belly binding can:

  • Support abdominal muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce waist size

An all-day hug for a new mom.

Video production by Magic Beans.

Watch the video: 2 ways to wrap a Bengkung Belly Bind - Wrap it FAST or the traditional way! (July 2022).


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