Goodbye to 20 weeks of maternity leave

Goodbye to 20 weeks of maternity leave

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I hope it is only a see you later, due to the crisis, which is certainly bad news for European families. The rejection of the extension to 20 weeks of the Maternity Leave it will prevent many babies in the European Union from being with their mothers full time, during their first 6 months of life.

The Council for Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumption of the European Union, which has rejected the request of the European Parliament for this extension, justified itself by explaining that the current situation is not adequate, given the financial burdens that this entails. Therefore, the original Commission proposal is maintained, which assumes that, in European countries, the minimum duration of Maternity Leave must be between 14 and 18 weeks.

This measure implies that there will be no changes in the situation of Spanish mothers, who already have a right of 16 weeks of leave. The extension of four more weeks, proposed by the European Parliament, would mean a additional cost for the Spanish public coffers of 1,000 million euros per year And, from the Ministry of Labor, it has been pointed out that now is not the time due to the current economic crisis, although extending maternity leave in the future, when possible, is not ruled out. Once again, economic interests are put above the social benefits, which justify this measure for working families. And since it is impossible to abstract from the reality with which it is falling in the economic sphere, I applaud the decision of Belgium, a country that is currently responsible for the semester management of the EU, which has announced that in the coming weeks it will present a compromise proposal On the basis of the European Commission project, without including the obligation to pay the woman's full salary during maternity leave, perhaps through this way we will win the right to be with our babies during their first 6 months of life, which It is essential so that breast milk is the only food that the baby receives during the first 20 weeks of life as recommended by the WHO. We will have to start fighting for this new initiative for now and think that the money will come later, when the crisis has passed.Marisol New.

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