The plight of a baby sleeping with his father

The plight of a baby sleeping with his father

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A parent's bed is a place that children are especially drawn to from a very young age. Some go in search of affection, others of stories and stories, and others still go to seek security to sleep, and no longer return to their crib or bed. They end up, night after night, sleeping with their parents, which can be a bind for both parties.

My agreement that when we were children, my brothers and I would run to our parents' bed, no more waking up. We put ourselves in the middle of the two, and it was a truly unique and incomparable moment. But in my house they have never let us sleep in the same bed with them. We could jump, do cartwheels on his big bed, but never stay over. What's more, they always closed the door to their room.

Back at my house, my daughter fell asleep in our bed in the early years. Since my husband traveled often, I was afraid of not hearing her at night, so I allowed her to jump into my bed and stay there all night. It was hard to "convince" her to sleep alone in her room, but in the end we succeeded. We had had a very bad time because we had no privacy, and apart from that we always slept with the concern not to crush her and not hurt her. Although on the other hand it is so good to sleep with the baby, I do not recommend it to anyone. It is one thing that they come to your bed in the morning, another is that you cannot rest and move freely in your own bed.

However, the fact that a baby sleeps in the parents' bed is not a bind only for their parents. There are babies, poor little ones, who have to endure many unpleasant situations, such as parents who talk or snore while they sleep. In this humorous video, a mother records how difficult it is for her baby to fall asleep, when her father sleeps next to her, who, at times, snores and scares him. Is this a magic formula to make the baby want to return to his crib?

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