Baby's first solidarity calendar

Baby's first solidarity calendar

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It is very common on these dates for us to "rain" promotional and solidarity calendars. Landscapes, photos of famous people, of the children of our friends, ... What I want to get to is that now the first calendar of the baby in its prenatal stage is coming out, which is published in Spain.

This particular baby calendar is especially geared towards pregnant women. It will allow them to match each month of their pregnancy with a photo of a baby at this same stage. The calendar consists of twelve images, plus the one on the cover, of babies in intrauterine development stage. Each image corresponds to a month. Apart from making known the development of the baby in the different stages of pregnancy, this calendar aims to raise funds for the Women's Care Line Foundation (LAM-Woman), which is dedicated to fully helping pregnant women in difficulty in Spain. Each table calendar costs 5 euros, although there is also the possibility of obtaining a wall calendar as well as a booklet. If you wish to purchase a calendar, you can do so through this website.

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