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Today, October 2, is World Children's Day, a good date to announce a new record for our website. In September, has established itself as a world leader among family resource websites, in Spanish. 1.8 million moms and dads have visited us in the past month and read 8.2 million pages - not bad, right!

In exact numbers, last September, according to data provided by Nielsen's SiteCensus ranking, we have achieved 8,256,751 page views and 1,795,811 have been unique visitors. The data will be audited within a few days by Introl OJD. Thanks to our readers! Thanks to your great interest and loyalty, we have stood out as leaders on family issues on the Internet. You can assume the healthy pride we feel for our creature, which is growing as the number of its readers.

We comment on these results because we want to share with you our particular joy and satisfaction for this achievement, especially now that we celebrate 10 years on the Internet. It is always gratifying to work on behalf of the family and children, but in these circumstances, the joy is even greater. These results have more than rewarded our efforts. Thank you very much moms and dads for being there, for collaborating, participating and supporting us day after day. It is comforting to know that we can continue to count on you. Our site team

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