The humanist Vicente Ferrer dies in India

The humanist Vicente Ferrer dies in India

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This Friday the world says goodbye to a person who did real "miracles" in one of the poorest and most arid regions of India, Anantapur. He died at 89 years of age, leaving more than 135 thousand children sponsored, and a program that has already benefited almost ten thousand people.

Vicente Ferrer has died surrounded by his family and collaborators, and serene as he wished, in his house in Anantapur, as a result of a series of respiratory and heart problems that he suffered since last March, when he suffered a stroke. During his almost 90 years of life, he received different recognitions for his work: the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord (in 1998), the Creu de Sant Jordi de la Generalitar de Catalunya (in 2000), among others.

He invested his whole life in his fight. He understood that peace is not only the absence of conflict but also the fight against discrimination, suffering and poverty. In the statement we received from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which he founded with his wife some 40 years ago, its director, Jordi Folgado Ferrer, declares that the legacy and commitment that remain with the work in favor of the most important population groups underprivileged, it will continue. Through the Foundation, a comprehensive development project based on education, housing, women, health, ecology and people with disabilities was articulated in Anantapur (state of Andhra Pradesh, India). Today, this project extends to almost 3,000 villages and benefits 2.5 million Dalits or untouchables and tribal groups and other underprivileged castes in India. Vicente Ferrer will be buried in India, where he arrived in 1952 as a Jesuit missionary and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the fight against poverty, which cost him his expulsion from India in 1968. He was able to return the following year and founded with Anne Perry, the one who would be his wife, the Foundation that bears his own name. An aid worker, a philanthropist, a husband, a father and a grandfather dies, but the fruits of his work remain for life. That's what he always used to say: I am very clear that no good deed is lost in this world. Somewhere will stay foreverIf you wish to send a message to the Ferrer family and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation team, please do so from here: Message to the Ferrer family From our hearts, we want to express our pity and condolence to his family, to his collaborators, to the India, and the world.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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