Too many children in advertisements

Too many children in advertisements

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It is not only important that parents protect their children from attractive and flashy advertisements, but also that they control the use of their little ones in advertising media. Only on television one in three children star in an advertisement.

Children are becoming large early consumers and at the same time an attractive resource to incite adult purchasing decisions. Children star in advertisements for food, travel, cars and even housing promotions, even presenting negatively to parents who deny their children certain products or services According to pediatrician Joaquín Ortiz, a specialist who conducted a study on the use of children in television advertising, the presence of minors is not justified in half of the advertisements in which they appear, neither as a consumer nor as a recipient of the message, although their image prevails over others.

He reveals that what justifies the omnipresence of children in advertisements is their growing influence on family consumption and the interest in incorporating children as soon as possible into the current consumer society in which we live. The appearance of children in the advertisements seeks to create a current of sympathy towards the advertised product. Due to the World Consumer Rights Day that was celebrated last Sunday, FACUA-Consumidores en Acción, draws attention to its fight against the abuses suffered by children, harassed and exploited by the marketing of many business sectors, and calls for regulatory changes to stop child exploitation in Spanish and European advertising legislation.The association warns that advertising directed to children must be regulated by the parents, educators, the media, and the advertising companies themselves. Another of the most effective resources for a href = ""> to protect children against advertising manipulation is to educate them for the critical use of the media, using them as instruments . Law 25/1994, of July 12, establishes in its article 16, on the “protection of minors against advertising and teleshopping”, that “must not incite” them “to persuade their parents or guardians, or the parents or guardians of third parties, to buy the products and services in question ”. And it goes to more. It establishes that "in no case should it exploit the special trust of children in their parents, teachers or other people".Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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