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Children's Vision - TV for Parents

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The World Association of Early Childhood Educators AMEI - WAECE, with the support of our site, has opened this new window for early childhood education: TV for parents on the Internet. Parents and educators can watch videos with important tips on early childhood education, and get answers to questions that concern them.

Vision is one of the most complex mechanisms in the human body. The visual function, the optic nerve, and the internal structures of the eye develop perfectly throughout the first two years. The eye is the organ of the sense of sight, and the optic nerve, which is formed in the eighth week of gestation, is responsible for carrying sensations to the brain. When the baby is born he sees quite well, but his visual acuity is not very good. The cells still do not have the possibility of adjusting to the different distances. He sees everything hazy around him. See clearly only at a distance of 20 to 30 cm. That is why close contact with your mother is so important at times such as breastfeeding. Through this video they will be able to learn tips to stimulate the vision of the little ones. The lights, the colors, etc.

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